Honeymoon Packages

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No matter where you are in the stages of wedding planning, the opportunity to switch gears for a moment and start thinking about how to plan your honeymoon is always a welcome break.
First advice: Plan your honeymoon together; If one person handles all of the planning of your honeymoon, you might end up with a trip that’s more tailored to their desires.
For queries and reservations:
📱0797559880 -0797559881
📱0797559882 – 0797559883
📱0797559884 – 0797559885
☎️065697036 – 065662422

** You can book now via our website: www.suntoursjo.com
📧 info@suntours.jo

📍Arar St. Wadi Saqra، Salam Building 242
وادي صقرة – شارع عرار بقرب البنك الاردني الكويتي عمارة رقم 242


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